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We offer expert consulting in infectious disease modelling. Fees from consultancy work are re-invested into the company’s social purpose

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Expert consulting in infectious disease modelling

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Epi with Emma

EPI with Emma

Supported Dr Emma Davis with branding and concept development of her educational video series Epi with Emma. Collaborated with Dr Davis with the content creation, script writing and revisions for the first two videos in the series “Epidemics”.

NTD Modelling Consortium

Supported the development of individual based models for control of neglected tropical diseases and supported management of project deliverables.

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Dr Amanda Minter

Equations of Disease founder

The courses I develop aim to equip you with the confidence to apply skills in mathematical modelling and data analytics in high-quality research, based on my experience working as an infectious disease modeller at the Big Data Institute University of Oxford, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and the University of Warwick.


I have taught mathematical modelling, statistics and R programming to audiences ranging from undergraduate students to professionals.


I have designed and led courses internationally (University of Malaya and Federal University of Bahia, Brazil) and in the UK (University of Leeds, Warwick, LSHTM).


Prior to this, I completed a doctorate in mathematical modelling of infectious disease at the University of Liverpool, following a Master’s degree in applied statistics from the University of Lancaster.