Calculus for modelling

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  • Duration 12h
  • Last Update September 27, 2021


This course is aimed at individuals who plan to, or who already working with epidemic and/or ecological models using ordinary differential equations and wish to learn the mathematical background of these models.

Topics covered include:

  • the concept of differentiation and integration,
  • ordinary differential equations (ODEs),
  • the population growth ODE model with and without carrying capacity,
  • equilibrium and steady states of ODES,
  • numerical integration including Euler method,
  • R packages for numerical integration,
  • the predator-prey ODE model.

This course has tutor support. Use the Q&A box to ask questions.

Topics for this course

36 Lessons12h

Differentiation I

Principle of differentiation
Exercise solution

Differentiation II

Differentiation III


Ordinary differential equations

Equilibrium states of ODEs

Numerical integration I

Numerical integration II

Systems of ODEs

Course feedback

£10.00 / month


  • Prior knowledge of R is assumed throughout this course