Introduction to Infectious Disease Modelling


Access to course materials and tutor support for the course ‘Introduction to Epidemic Modelling’.


Mathematical models can be used to represent infection spread in different populations. There are numerous types of model for this purpose, but all models are based on the same principles of epidemic modelling. This course is for those wishing to learn the basics of ordinary differential equation epidemic models and how to implement these models in R.
Topics covered include:
  • Different classic epidemic models including SI and SIR models,
  • Frequency or density dependent transmission,
  • The Basic Reproduction Number ((R_0)),
  • Adding demography (i.e. births and deaths).

At the end of the course you will be able to,

  • understand what assumptions different epidemic models make about infection,
  • understand how to read and write ordinary differential equations (ODEs) for epidemics,
  • implement ODE models in R.

Prior knowledge of R is assumed throughout this course.

This course has tutor support.